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Hello Story Lovers! My name is Kimberly, or Tex Therizo as I am sometimes known online. I absolutely love stories. They are my passion. They are why I became an English Teacher, why I have library in my house instead of a dining room, and why (after bills) my budget for going to the movies is my highest category.
I happen to believe that Stories should never be “one and done”. A good story, a TRUE story, will stay with you. It will make you think. Make you feel. Make you speculate. At least, that’s what they do to me. But I don’t just love to consume stories. I don’t just love to read, I also love to express myself through writing. Creating meaning from the written word, and EXPRESSING meaning through the written word, is an art form. The only art form I have any of modicum talent in.
And that’s why I started a blog. To express those thoughts and emotions and theories and quotes that stories leave me with.
You might have noticed that most of the content is about Star Wars. Star Wars does happen to be another passion of mine. I’m sure you can tell, from the amount of time I spend thinking about it and writing about it. But I do intend to make the blog, and this page, about more than just Star Wars. I want to make it about any and all stories that strike truth in my, and hopefully your, hearts. To that end I already have a couple movie reviews posted on my blog. Hopefully that will become a bigger part of the blog, if I can ever learn to not procrastinate.
So follow if you like stories. Follow if you like fan theories. Follow if you like memes. Follow if you like my thoughts and my writing. And find me on the facebook page that corresponds with this blog.

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