QotD: Scrambled Eggs

Some Saturday Sass.

Ruth starts to scramble eggs. Is my second favorite line in the play Raisin in the Sun. And it’s not even a line! It’s a stage direction.

Of course I would not wish Ruth and Walter’s relationship on anyone in the real world. I hope I would never do this to my husband in spite (though I totally might in humor). But in this fictional world it is so humorous, and so fitting for Ruth to take this stab at Walter. By a couple scenes in, you begin to realize that Ruth is not a spiteful wife. She is loving and supportive in the best way she knows how to a man who probably stopped deserving it years ago. He is constantly picking on her. He is constantly doing these types of things to her.

It is just so satisfying that she gets one in on him, while still taking care of him and supporting him.

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