One True Story

I figured it was about time I explained the name of this blog. It comes down to this quote, though I chose the name┬álong before I ever read Words of Radiance.   It doesn't matter if the story is a historical overview of a whole country, the autobiography of one woman, an epic about a... Continue Reading →

QotD: Hypocrisy

Sometimes my thought process is hard to follow. But I promise, if you hang on to the end, everything will come together when I finally get around to making my point. I don't know if that is because I have a flare for the dramatic and like big reveals, or I am just terrible at... Continue Reading →

The Death Star Council Room

There are many opinions about which scene is the most important in the Star Wars Saga. I say it is the Death Star Council Room: A scene that inspired so much and continually reinvented itself.

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