QotD: Scrambled Eggs

Some Saturday Sass. Ruth starts to scramble eggs. Is my second favorite line in the play Raisin in the Sun. And it's not even a line! It's a stage direction. Of course I would not wish Ruth and Walter's relationship on anyone in the real world. I hope I would never do this to my... Continue Reading →


QotD: Focus

Applicable wisdom from the Jedi. How is it that the more I look, the more relevance I can find in Star Wars?

QotD: Assembled for War

My movie review on Darkest Hour is in the works. But until then, here is a quote about Churchill and the power of the English Language. Language is just building blocks. It's like Lego or an Erector set. You put together the roots and the suffixes and the prefixes. You put them in order. But... Continue Reading →

QotD: Unity

Equilibrium is an absolutely fantastic movie. I highly recommend it. Like all good dystopians it makes you think. It presents very real problems about humanity. The dystopian is created by trying to fix it in the wrong way. The heroes have to overthrow the government. But the problem is, the original problem was real. It... Continue Reading →

QotD: Olympia

As I explained before, the one true story of humanity is what I truly love, and the one true story of humanity is not confined to books and movies. It is seen in sports, in competition, and in human achievement as well. It is amazing to me that the Olympics are┬ástill the paramount of achievement... Continue Reading →

One True Story

I figured it was about time I explained the name of this blog. It comes down to this quote, though I chose the name┬álong before I ever read Words of Radiance.   It doesn't matter if the story is a historical overview of a whole country, the autobiography of one woman, an epic about a... Continue Reading →

QotD: Noble

I love Game of Thrones. There are many things I could do without within the show and even the books. I do not like watching sex and nudity. I do spend a good amount of time looking away from the screen. I am also not a huge fan of gore. But I keep watching GoT... Continue Reading →


I actually had a pretty heavy post written out. Then I remembered it was my birthday. And since that only comes once a year, why not throw out a River Tam quote? If you haven't watched Firefly, you really need to. And if you tell me you saw Serenity and thought it was weird so... Continue Reading →

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