QotD: From Nowhere

Saturday Sass! Anyone else feel it was a bit rich that a farm boy from Tatooine can tell anyone that they are from nowhere?


Character Analysis: Chirrut and Baze / QotD: I am one with the Force

QotD: Force Friday Mixed with a little bit of Chirrut and Baze Character Analysis. What really made Rogue One was the characters. I am ALL about the characters. A storyline can be terrible, but if the characters interest me I will see it over and over, and buy the movie. Thankfully, Rogue One is close to... Continue Reading →

QotD: Power

While a Star Wars quote, there is so much here. This is a truth seen everywhere, through history, and in our daily lives. This is a truth of the One True Story that is the story of the world. Last year, when teaching Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, and my students were asking why the Senator's hated... Continue Reading →

QotD: Two Boys from Tatooine

***Spoilers*** Luke's death has made me cry all four times I have watched it. I absolutely love parallels. And watching Luke stare into his own twin suns of Tatooine as he fades into the Force brought up all the emotions of the original "Star Wars" movie. I won't speak for anyone else, but it forcibly... Continue Reading →

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