QotD: Hoover

Clue is an absolutely wonderful and witty movie. There is a fair bit of on the nose easy humor. But there is also a lot of witty and intelligent humor, such as this line. Wordplay that requires a knowledge of history and culture to understand. Lines like this are not only funny, but make me... Continue Reading →

QotD: I’m the Witch

In my opinion, this is the most important line of the play, and comes right after all the characters desperately seeking to lay the blame at someone's feet. As if laying blame will change the fact that Giants are about to destroy them all. And the witch points it out. These people are so busy... Continue Reading →

QotD: Two Boys from Tatooine

***Spoilers*** Luke's death has made me cry all four times I have watched it. I absolutely love parallels. And watching Luke stare into his own twin suns of Tatooine as he fades into the Force brought up all the emotions of the original "Star Wars" movie. I won't speak for anyone else, but it forcibly... Continue Reading →

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