QotD: Noble

I love Game of Thrones. There are many things I could do without within the show and even the books. I do not like watching sex and nudity. I do spend a good amount of time looking away from the screen. I am also not a huge fan of gore. But I keep watching GoT... Continue Reading →


I actually had a pretty heavy post written out. Then I remembered it was my birthday. And since that only comes once a year, why not throw out a River Tam quote? If you haven't watched Firefly, you really need to. And if you tell me you saw Serenity and thought it was weird so... Continue Reading →

QotD: Stand Up

The funny thing about this quote is it has more relevance when separated from the story it came from. I'm not saying Neville wasn't brave. As someone who hates confrontation, I know exactly how hard it would have been for him to confront Harry, Ron, and Hermione. However, if Neville had succeeded in his attempt... Continue Reading →

QotD: Stories and Truth

Stories are my passion. I have never stopped to figure out why. But there is a truth about stories that sings to my soul. Even when stories could technically be considered lies. They are lies that teach us truth, in so many ways.

QotD: Sustaining Soul

Victor Hugo is an amazing writer. Les Miserables is a fantastic book. Another one I would classify as a Masterpiece. However, unlike Lord of the Flies, it is not¬† a book that I would recommend to just anyone. It is long. And the truth is, it is much longer than the story calls for. If... Continue Reading →

QotD: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

There are some things I never truly learned about or understood until I became a teacher myself. Teaching has taught me empathy in a way nothing has before. Not just because I have students who come from such different lives than I myself did. Maybe that is part of it. But mostly it is the... Continue Reading →

QotD: Hypocrisy

Sometimes my thought process is hard to follow. But I promise, if you hang on to the end, everything will come together when I finally get around to making my point. I don't know if that is because I have a flare for the dramatic and like big reveals, or I am just terrible at... Continue Reading →

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