QotD: What is a bullet?

Mad Max: Fury Road is a masterpiece. But that is for another post. Right now I want to discuss a line that I think most people missed. "Angharad used to call them anti-seed. Plant one and watch the thing die." What is the "THEM"? Bullets. This isn't a political post. It isn't an gun rights... Continue Reading →

QotD: Sustaining Soul

Victor Hugo is an amazing writer. Les Miserables is a fantastic book. Another one I would classify as a Masterpiece. However, unlike Lord of the Flies, it is not  a book that I would recommend to just anyone. It is long. And the truth is, it is much longer than the story calls for. If... Continue Reading →

QotD: The Beast

Most people have to read Lord of the Flies in high school. Most people hate it, or don't get it. I actually didn't have to read it in high school, because it was an on-level book and I was in Pre-AP that year. But I heard my friends talking about it, so I tried to... Continue Reading →

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