One True Story

I figured it was about time I explained the name of this blog. It comes down to this quote, though I chose the name long before I ever read Words of Radiance.


It doesn’t matter if the story is a historical overview of a whole country, the autobiography of one woman, an epic about a fictional world, or a dystopian about the future.

There is only one story. That is the story of humanity.

It doesn’t even matter if the characters in the story are even human. The reality is, they actually are. They came from the mind of a human, and they are loved by humans, and humans respond and relate to the humanity in those characters.

This is why I do not believe fiction is a waste of time. Brigham Young, a historical leader of my church, once said “On the stage of a theater can be represented evil and its consequences, good and its happy results and rewards, the weakness and follies of man, and the magnanimity of a virtuous life.” Some human, somewhere, at some time, has faced or will face every situation seen in fiction. Take Ender’s Game. Sure, I doubt anyone would be faced with thinking they are playing a training game and find out last minute they been slaughtering an alien race. BUT. How many researcher scientists have gone happily about the work and discovered later that it has been weaponized, or otherwise used in a way that they felt was unethical?

Whether the story is presented in a book, a play, a movie, a tv show, a video game, or a graphic novel, whether the story is history, biography, documentary, there is truth. It is the truth in any story and all stories that resonates within in.

It is all part of one great story, and the greater truth of humanity.

Leave a comment with any stories that contained a truth important to you!
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