Character Analysis: Chirrut and Baze / QotD: I am one with the Force

QotD: Force Friday
Mixed with a little bit of Chirrut and Baze Character Analysis.

What really made Rogue One was the characters. I am ALL about the characters. A storyline can be terrible, but if the characters interest me I will see it over and over, and buy the movie. Thankfully, Rogue One is close to being a perfect Star Wars movie. There are tiny little things I can pick apart, but overall the story and dialogue is pristine. In fact, the storytelling and writing is so tight it fixed plot holes in Episode IV.

And as for characters, all of them are wonderful, but I’ll keep the focus and Chirrut Imwe and Baze Malbus (who are probably my favorite anyways. K2 is funnier, but these two are more meaningful).

I am one with the Force and the Force is with me.

Chirrut himself added a whole new depth to the Force. He showed us that the Jedi Order is indeed a religion, and that Faith is place in the Force. This is what I had always inferred (see previous blog post), but it is nice when my ideas continue to be backed up instead of disproved.
Chirrut is NOT a Force User. He cannot be a Jedi, and he cannot use the Force as a tool, as the Jedi do. However, he is Force Sensitive. And his faith in and devotion to following the Will of the Force is so strong that the Living Force was able to use Chirrut as a tool. He could let the Force guide his actions.
This idea is embodied in the words he says so often: “I am one with the Force, and the Force is with me.” Chirrut lives his life to be one with the Force. And because of it, the Force is with him.

The Force is with me and I am one with the Force.

Then we have Baze, who in many ways is a foil to Chirrut. Baze has obviously completely lost his Faith in the Force. He might still believe; he is not like Han who denies its existence. I am sure he has felt it in times past, as Chirrut does. But he has lost too much to keep his Faith.
But the one thing he never lost his faith in was Chirrut. “Friends” and “Family” both seem too weak of words to define their relationship. They have complete love, trust, and understanding in one another. Their bond is one that no outside force can shake. But when Chirrut gives his life to the Force, Baze knows that he must follow his friend. And Chirrut gives him the strength to do so. The strength to die, yes, but more the strength to embrace the Force once more.

I’ve talked to several people, and it seems about 50/50 how many people caught that Baze says this phrase differently. It seems a lot of people just assume that they missed him saying “I am one with the Force” the first time, so it just sounds like he is saying it backwards. This is not the case. He reverses what Chirrut says and, in my not so humble opinion, there is a very deep and purposeful reason for this-

While Chirrut lived his life in harmony with the Force so that it would be with him, Baze, for the first time in years no doubt, finally allowed the Force to be with him to help strengthen him and guide him into becoming One with the Force. Baze has always followed one step behind Chirrut, because he had complete faith in his partner. And in the end he was finally able to join him in full, in the Force.


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