QotD: True Magic

I have a thing for words. I love words. I love everything about them. I love finding the most perfect and most precise word for the sentence. I love word-play. I love taking apart a commonplace word and thinking about it’s origins and what it means. I love ordering the words in a sentence, creating clauses and positioning them, for maximum effect.

I love that words are building blocks. I love that they can be mixed and matched to form meaning. I love that sentences can be strung together to bring forth an idea. I love that a blank page is just as much an empty canvas as, well, an empty canvas.

Words are communication. As much as sometimes I pretend they do, words do not exist in a vacuum. They can’t. They lack meaning unless they are read. And once they are read, they form meaning and ideas. The bring emotion. Good emotion, bad emotion. They tear down or they build up. They shut down or they inspire.

Words are a tool capable of good or bad. How do you use yours?

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