STAR WARS – otherwise known as MY LIFE (part 2)

This post is about love. *cue eye roll*

Yes, I would go so far as to say that I love Star Wars. A lot of people say that. Unintentional and unfelt hyperbole is a plague of today’s speakers. A lot of people enjoy Star Wars. A lot of people have very strong feelings about Star Wars. Not as many people LOVE it as I mean. This isn’t a superiority thing. But I have to explain this so you can understand how my future posts on Star Wars are going to work.

To explain my love, take this comic I saw from Cyanide and Happiness:


If I were to change this to my version (and hopefully I’m not breaking copyright laws. I give full credit to Cyanide and Happiness for the comic and idea):

Love Star Wars

Now, I know it comes off as elitist. I don’t mean it to. I will talk Star Wars to anyone on any level. The other day an older man was asking me about my car (it’s a First Order Tie Fighter). After about two minutes of conversation it became apparent that he referred to A New Hope as Episode 1. So to try and avoid confusion I tried to just call them by name. He didn’t know the names. While it just about made my eye twitch to do it, I just followed his lead and we had a great conversation about how “Episode 1” pioneered film technology.

But what I mean to say is that when I make a post discussing an aspect of Star Wars, I’m going to approach it as everything in the movies exists, is canon, and wasn’t a mistake on the filmmakers part (unless they have actually said in an interview “This is a mistake, I shouldn’t have done it this way”).

So if I use Jar Jar, midichlorians, or Anakin’s moodiness to defend a theory, you’ll know why. Yes, I think Jar Jar is obnoxious. But he does exist. And there are certain points that he is incredibly key to the plot. So when I post about him, I’m going to forgo the customary rants and affirmations that he doesn’t exist in my world. Because Star Wars isn’t my world. I just live in it.

Because I love it.



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